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The PUMA is fitted with powerful smooth motors, mid wheel manoeuvrability, and comfortable seating. The smooth operation of the front and rear elastometer combined with mid wheel drive means easy operation on a variety of terrains and hard surfaces.  It’s ideal for both inside and outside use on even ground and can travel long distances between recharging.

The Shoprider Puma 14HD electric powerchair has been specifically added to the Shoprider powerchair range to cater for the user who requires extra weight capacity (205kg) in a powerchair. The Puma 14HD has been ergonomically engineered to provide the robust combination of style and comfort that you deserve.
The Shoprider Puma 14HD has the flexibility of a multi adjustable 510mm Captains Seat i.e. Seat Cushion Height, Seat Cushion Angle, Backrest Angle & Forward or Aft Adjustment on Seat Base, when combined with the powerful smooth motors, mid wheel manoeuvrability this electric powerchair will not disappoint.
The Puma’s smooth operation is further enhanced by the easy steer & operate joystick controller, 360mm (14inch ) puncture proof tyres and front and rear elastometers. The Shoprider Puma 14HD is suited to operation on a variety of terrains and hard surfaces, both inside and outside, the 75amp batteries fitted also ensure it can travel long distances between charges.


  • Length 1060mm
  • Width 640mm
  • Height 1180mm
  • Battery Capacity 2 x 75Amp
  • Maximum Range up to 25km
  • Maximum Load Single User* 205kgs
  • Charger on board 8AMP
  • Motor Size 1.34HP
  • Maximum Speed 6 Km/h
  • Safe Climbing Angle 8 Degrees
  • Max Climbing Angle 9 Degrees
  • Turning Radius 600mm
  • Weight capacity: 205kg
  • 75Ah batteries fitted as Standard
  • Travel range up to 25km (based on Std batteries)
  • Maximum speed: 6km/h

Warranty: 1-2yrs*

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