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Buying Local


When it comes to mobility equipment, we believe buying local is by far the best choice.
Mobility equipment is often exposed to daily/repetitive use, we need it, we often can’t go for long without it in fact.
Just like our cars, scooters and powerchairs require maintenance and occasionally repair in order to continue serving our needs. If a seller claims that they don’t need servicing and never go wrong our advice is to walk away. Some companies would rather not bother and if something goes wrong this is just an opportunity to sell you another device.
We have built our business on service and repair, many of our clients have 10+ year old scooters!
It’s also important to feel comfortable and safe on your scooter or powered wheelchair, and it’s a really good idea to have a trial, so you can get an idea of how the device actually feels and make sure it suits you!
Unfortunately when you purchase from an online business, you cannot test ride, and your device arrives in a box, and requires assembly!
Should a problem arise…what then??!
The lure of heavily discounted prices may seem enticing, but beware Pandoras Box!

When considering an online purchase, we also recommend you give the following some thought…

  • Do you have all the tools you need to assemble a mobility device safely?
  • Will you be able to asses suitability prior to spending hours assembling?
  • Can you return the device if not suitable?
  • How will you claim warranty or have repair works completed?
  • Is there online support available, or someone to talk to?
  • Who can *service or repair your device locally when you need help?

When you purchase mobility equipment through Scooters Wholesale you can have complete peace of mind that we have your back!

We unbox, assemble, and go through our pre-delivery checklist to make sure there are no issues and your device will be good to go!

We are a local business, in our years of operation we have built a reputation for excellence and care and we are continuing to grow.
Through years of research, trial and error we are able to bring our local communities mobility equipment that we stand by, from suppliers that we trust.
Being the only truly Australian mobility supplier operating in the Shoalhaven, & Eurobodalla areas, our customers expect us to deliver quality products and that is what we do.
We guarantee our products, perform all pre-delivery checks, take the time you need and our after sales support is unrivalled.
We are able to offer trade-ins and are proud to support the local business community.

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