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The Afiscooter C4 easily handles smooth surfaces or rough terrain with all the advantages of Afiscooters advanced engineering, safety, and stylish design. This is a powerful medium sized scooter that is very reliable.

The Afiscooter C4 hard canopy will provide protection from the harsh summer sun and winds, and light showers. A large perspex windscreen, provides the user with a clear view, while the solid roof protects from the sun.

Team with optional rain sides for wet weather protection.


  • Weight capacity: 150kg
  • 45Ah batteries fitted as standard
  • Can upgrade to 50Ah or 75Ah batteries
  • Travel range up to 30km (based on Std batteries)
  • Maximum speed: 10km/h
  • Warranty 1-3yrs*

*Warranty period varies depending on the part

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